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Publish0x (Pronounced as "Publish") is a blog website like medium.com but, it rewards to the users both the blog authors and readers. Interestingly, at publish0x.com, members will be able to make a small tip to the blog author and some percentage of it to themselves. While tipping, members can adjust thw tipping percentage ratio for authors and themselves.

Join Publish0x.com

Creating account at publish0x.com is completely free. You will get started earning money right after the signup. Single account for both the blog autors and readers.

Different methods of earning

At present, there are three type of methods to earn money at publish0x.com:

  1. Tipping to blog authors and self
  2. Being tipped by the readers (If you are an author)
  3. Referral commission (5% of earnings for lifetime)

How to become an author

In the dashboard area, you have an option "Become an author", following that link you have submit request. They will ask you to show sample articles written by you and manually verify and approve as an author.

Once you are approved as an author of publish0x.com, you can start writing and publishing your blogs and articles. Your writings are published immediately without any approval. Then watch your earnings growing by getting tips from the readers.

Earn by tipping

Tipping means, you will not tip from your account. Tips are free. Bothe authors and readers can tip each other but, authors cannot tip to their own articles. There time duration of 10 minutes after every tips you make. Also, there is a limit of certain number tips per day that only you can make everyday. The best and easiest way of earning from publish0x.com is writting and get tips from readers.

Payout methods

Publish0x.com is a genuine and trusted website that pays to their user regularly. They usually pay by tradable ETH ERC-20 tokens but, they change the coins and payout wallets often without any notice.

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