Earn additional income with a simple browser extension

Using this simple browser extension, you will make money while you are browsing. No matter which site you are browing, you will make arround $0.0000275 for every 30 seconds. This is a small amount only but, for doing nothing, it's better to earn something like this.

Extension name : Surfe.be
Minimum payout : $0.03
Payment methods : FaucetPay, Payeer, Qiwi, Yoomoney and Webmoney
Payment timing : Instant withdrawal in 1 minute

After registering at the above site, download and install their extension, you will start making money right then.

Why you are getting paid?

This browser extension will display one ot two small banner ads at the bottom of the browser in the current tab you opened. No matter what website your are visiting, this extension will serve banner ads and pay you for every 30 seconds.

The total amount you earned will be displayed in the left side bottom corner as shown in the image. Your earnings as well as ads will be updated for every 30 seconds. There is no limit for advertisements. No need to click the ad to earn money. You should just let the ads displayed for every 30 seconds.

4 types income oppurtunity

At Surfe.be, you will generate income in 4 ways as mentioned below:

  1. Displaying ads with the browser extension
  2. Visiting advertisement sites
  3. Watching videos
  4. Affiliate and referral earnings

This website is found to be one of the usefull money making site. Register and start earning money in your free time while browing any website.

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