Passive income to your PayPal and FaucetPay wallets


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LeadsLeap + WikimintCoins

Just promote the following link in your LeadsLeap account

In the above link, replace your FaucetPay Tron address and promote the link in your LeadsLeap account.


  1. No account registration with Wikimint Coins.
  2. Its completely free to earn
  3. You need LeadsLeap account and FaucetPay account
  4. You will be paid 30000 TRX instantly and directly to your FaucetPay account. (Meanwhile, you'll also earn money in your LeadsLeap account for surfing their ads)
  5. You will be paid for 24 hours unique visits only (Minimum visit time 5 seconds required)
  6. Go to your LeadsLeap account. Create tracklink for the above link and promote that track link in FREE credit ads.
  7. While creating tracklink you should disable link cloaking and real tracking to avoid iframe loading.
  8. You should promote this link in LeadsLeap only (No iframe loading allowed)   


There are two streams of income you will generate using this free method.

FAUCETPAY EARNINGS : For every visits (24 hours unique visits for minimum 5 seconds), you will be paid with 30000 TRX directly, instantly and automatically to your FaucetPay TRON (TRX) address. Therefore, you should correctly place your TRX address in the above given promotion link.

PAYPAL EARNINGS : For promoting the above given link, you should earn credits on your LeadsLeap site. Its completely free to advertise the above link with your free credits earned by viewing advertisements. All your credits will be expended to promoting our link and you earn 30000 TRX. Not only that, you will also get paid daily active bonus in your LeadsLeap account for viewing advertisement, that can be withdrawn to your PayPal wallet.  

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