Earn Cryptocurrency

Earn crypto for various simple and easy jobs. Listed below are available jobs and more jobs will be adden often. All our earning activities are completely free. No registration, no withdrawal fees. You will receive payout instantly to your FaucetPay account. Please read earnings disclaimer before you proceed.

Claim Faucets

You can claim 0.0008 USDT unlimited time and get paid directly and instantly to your FaucetPay account.

Visit Shortlinks

You can claim 0.0007 USDT for visiting each shortlinks and get paid directly and instantly to your FaucetPay account.

Visit Direct Ads

Visit direct ads one by one and claim 0.0006 USDT after visiting 10 ads. You will get paid directly and instantly to your FaucetPay account.


You will receive 0.0003 USDT whenever a user completes his target. Also, your USDT address will be assigned as auto referrer for direct visitors.

Referral Earnings

You will earn 25% of your referral earnings. You can share your referral links from any of the above earning methods or you can share general link as given in the format below:

Auto Referrals

Based on our earners performance, we place referrals under them. They will earn referral commission without referring anybody.

Faucet Claims (Third-party sites)

We have a collection of genuine and paying faucet websites (Third-party sites). Normally, faucets websites allow you to claim for an interval of some particular time like, 1 minute, 5 minutes, etc. This collection faucet websites pay instantly and directly to your faucetPay account. If you claim all the sites one by one, you need not wait for next claim. You can claim continuously in all faucet sites one by one. Note : We have no any connection with these faucet sites. Just referring some sites we know. If you find any issue with the faucet sites listed there, please write to us here, we will immediately take out those sites from our list.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I earn money from Wikimint Coins website?

Yes. You can earn by watching advertisements, afucet claims, visiting shortlinks, etc. More earning features will be added soon.

Do I need to create account at Wikimit Coins to start earning?

No. There is no account creation available. You can earn and withdraw money anonymously without creating account. While earning, you have to enter your FaucetPay Tether (TRC-20) address, your payouts will be credited to the the address you have entered there. If you put wrong address, you will loose your earnings.

What are payment methods and withdrawal limit?

We pay only by FaucetPay. Payouts will be credited instantly within 10 seconds.


  • The earning methods involved in this website are not for children.
  • While earning from this site, you may have to see several third-party advertisements and visit third-party websites.
  • We do not have any control on such third-party websites and advertisements. We are not responsible for such ads and websites.
  • Inspite we try to publish quality ads, some ad networks show adult (18+) advertisements, which are beyond our control.
  • After every completion of earning tasks, you may have to check your FaucetPay account.
  • We always have enough funds to dispense payouts to our earners. If you are not receiving payouts, it means that our account is out of funds. In such a case, you may have to wait and come back later to earn.
  • We do not verify your FaucetPay USDT address whether it is valid address or not. If you enter wrong address, you will not receive payouts. It's your responsibily to enter correct USDT address from your FaucetPay account.
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